The Learning Technologies event was a resounding success for ARuVR®

8 May 2023

Last week, Europe’s leading event for organisational learning and technology, Learning Technologies, bore witness to a technological breakthrough that will change the way companies train employees forever. ARuVR®, at the forefront of this revolution, showcased its Extended Reality (XR) learning enterprise solution to an eager and captivated audience.

The event was a raging success for ARuVR®, with over 250 companies lining up to experience the power of our innovative new technology. Attendees were wowed by our XR learning platform, which brought together Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Human Holographic projections to create a training experience that is as immersive as it is effective.

The excitement surrounding our product was palpable, with attendees expressing their enthusiasm and eagerness to adopt our XR learning platform in their respective organisations. We have received numerous requests from companies across various industries, all looking to utilise our platform to deliver engaging and effective training to their employees. It is clear that there is a growing need for innovative and effective training solutions, and our no-code XR learning platform allows anyone to create, deploy, and manage learning content quickly and effectively and place it within a blended real and virtual world.

ARuVR® also ran four seminars throughout the event in collaboration with some of our clients which shared the stage with us to proof and testify the power and the benefits of using ARuVR® XR learning platform within their organisations. The seminars were attended by over 500 people. These seminars provided invaluable insights into the benefits of our XR learning platform, and how it can be used to create engaging and immersive training experiences that improve learning outcomes and increase employee retention rates.

The crowd-pleaser was also the Robot experience that we offered attendees. The robot provided a fun and engaging way to learn about ARuVR® XR learning platform, and attendees were thrilled by the interactive nature of the experience. The robot explained how Blended Learning 3.0 is not the future but instead it is happening now.

The Learning Technologies event was a resounding success for ARuVR®, and the buzz surrounding our XR learning platform was evident throughout the entire event. Our technology represents a huge leap forward in the field of organisational learning and training, and the possibilities for its application are endless. ARuVR® has been already trusted and deployed by top Fortune 500 companies and it also has won many awards and recognitions from leading independent international institutions.

The feedback we received from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their excitement at the potential for this innovative technology to transform the way they train their employees. ARuVR® enables in-house teams to quickly and easily create, distribute, analyse and manage both on-demand and instructor-led VR & AR training experiences.

In conclusion, the Learning Technologies event was a huge success for ARuVR®, and a true testament to the power of our XR learning platform. We look forward to working with companies to help them achieve their training goals and drive greater success for their organisations.