The possibilities for enterprises and the application of XR are endless, for example:

Picking and Packing
Health & Safety
Customer support

The rise of on-line retailing means that there is an ever increasing demand for staff in warehouses and distribution centres.  There is also typically high staff turnover meaning that it is vital to train and get new staff up to speed quickly and effectively on environments, processes and tools.

ARuVR can help by allowing new staff to quickly familiarise themselves with what might otherwise be a daunting new location and provide them with specific interactive guided tours where they are directed to key components and processes that are vital for carrying out their new role.

“Virtual reality adds value throughout the supply chain including increased productivity and efficiency and improved data visualization."

Source: "Utilizing Virtual Reality To Drive Supply Chain Innovation" - Deloitte Report 2021

As an industry, logistics is under increasing pressure to transport more, faster, with greater efficiency and improved safety. Digital reality is helping logistics companies do just that.

Cost-effective and fully immersive, XR training is used for staff onboarding, upskilling and Health & Safety compliance.

"Learners recall more when using virtual immersive teaching methods than with traditional methods, resulting in a 76% increase in learning effectiveness."

Source: Stanford University and Technical University Denmark

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