The possibilities for enterprises and the application of XR are endless, for example:

Prototypes and Testing
Gamified experiences
Brand awareness
Product experience
Explore “impossible” environments
Accident investigation

XR is innovating across industries and growing with XR means linking strategy, technology, and execution. Innovations reach from immersive XR data experiences providing insights into your customers, clients and consumers to piloting new organisational structures and processes to build for the future.

XR innovation is transforming many “traditional” business operations and sectors. XR experiences are already delivering across Recruitment, Training, Marketing, Product Design, Manufacturing, Entertainment and Retail enterprises globally. It’s no surprise many business innovators advise partnering with experienced XR platforms to help grow your innovation.

“Companies across industries have successfully deployed XR solutions. XR can have the greatest impact in three key areas: training, workflows, and employee engagement.”

Source: IBM Institute For Business Value - 2020

Further innovation example is “emergency situation training” which allows apprentice Firemen, Ambulance crews or Policemen to train on new scenarios virtually in a much more powerful and cost effective way.

And also “capture an accident scene for later investigation & learning”. For instance capturing the scene of a car crash and recreating it as a VR experience that can be used as a learning tool for engaging with the public on “speed awareness” training. It can also be used for further investigation work and revisiting the accident sight after it has been cleared by the police. This could also be used by Insurance companies and assessors to more accurately understand what has happened and determine who is at fault.

“Businesses that adopt immersive technologies will help employees become more autonomous, to train and complete tasks autonomously. The rapid deployment of 5G networks, combined with continuing growth in cloud computing, will help to accelerate the adoption of these new digital interfaces.”

Source: CapGemini Report: TechnoVision 2020: Future Thinking Simplified

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