Over recent years, Enterprises have embraced technology to help connect teams. Where traditional video conferencing has limits, we help you transform the way your teams to connect, collaborate and develop ideas together, wherever they are.

Transforming Teams Together

The pandemic brought many changes and accelerated the trend in remote working. While video conferencing helps teams connect, XR enables teams to connect in an exciting, immersive and more productive way. Rather than being separated by distance and small screens, we bring them together through shared, virtual experiences.

Creative Work Spaces

ARuVR enable the live experiences of real places and events to be accessible to anyone, anywhere.  Based in your real-world locations, we help you bring your content to virtual life with immersive, interactive experiences to inspire your teams. Remote users can visit a real place, in real time from anywhere – the location comes to them.

“Some VR-equipped teams report that they now require 90% less travel.”

Source: Harvard Business Review 2020

Remote Working Transformed

In the past 2 years, digital transformation has affected every company and every industry. PwC’s US Remote Work Survey reports over 55% of executives expect to work remotely as least one day a week.

While businesses save time and cost from reduced team travel, the need to increase the value of remote working continues to grow. XR-enabled working brings teams together virtually in real-world locations, adding creative, interactive experiences to increase productivity.

Transform your approach

Transform meetings