The possibilities for enterprises and the application of XR are endless, for example:

Situational awareness
Medical application
Battlefield and terrorist attacks
Virtual Battlefield

The defence sector is increasingly using XR to transform operations. Through immersive XR, military personnel can experience real-world operational situations. While teams gain invaluable situational awareness and develop their skills, XR removes real world risks and reduces associated costs.

Trainees could use XR to experience a parachute jump, gaining an awareness of the sensation and disorientation of jumping from an aircraft, without the associated real world flight costs. They can be placed in fighter jets, submarines, tanks or armoured vehicles to experience the cramped and claustrophobic conditions.

"XR Technology is going to transform the way we train soldiers and the way soldiers operate in combat."

Source: Gen. James M., U.S. Army’s chief of staff, 2020

Medical staff have experienced the benefits of deploying immersive XR experiences. Used to help those suffering with PTSD, Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy or VRET helps sufferers confront and overcome past traumatic situations. As well as to provide ‘boot camp’ experience to new recruits, helping them adapt quickly, and prepare for real world scenarios.

Using 360° camera attached to drones you can capture images and videos of key battlefield territories or places and locations where a terrorist attack is occurring or may occurs. With ARuVR you and your colleagues can collectively analyse and agree actions.

“VR applications in defence allow the transmission of crucial information from commanders to ground forces and lead to significantly faster problem-solving and lower error rates.”

Source: Deloitte Report: Mixed Reality for Defence - 2020

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