The possibilities for enterprises and the application of XR are endless, for example:

Design and prototyping
Remote repairing and maintenance
Operational efficiency
Health & Safety

The manufacturing industry is under increasing pressure to deliver greater innovation, faster and at lower cost. XR can help, from creating initial designs, developing digital prototypes, improving production and delivery to market.

ARuVR makes production training easy and effective, for example training engineers and technicians in the field to quickly identify problems and carry out repairs or maintenance.

"Safety is a crucial consideration for any manufacturing company. The Ford company found that it could reduce employee injuries by 70% just by using VR in training and development strategies."

Source: XR Today - 2021

Saving precious time and improving inventory management are simple but important changes to make manufacturing more efficient and XR is increasingly used across logistics and inventory tracking.

XR is also changing the experience of Health & Safety training in manufacturing. Now, employees can walk virtually through scenarios and hazardous situations safely and in their own time.

"Virtual reality, when used in the manufacturing industry, can help with a wide range of issues such as increasing productivity, reducing training costs and increased availability of new products to market."

Source: - 2020

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