The possibilities for enterprises and the application of XR are endless, for example:

Improved inventory management
Remote assistance & collaboration
Health & Safety
Customer Service
Operational efficiency

XR is paving the way for simplifying processes in the Utility industry. From improved staff training to better inventory management to data visualisation for increased operational efficiency, XR experiences are transforming how the sector deploys technology to increase productivity.

US energy leader Duke Energy’s XR Lab is reimagining workforce training and recruitment, saving c. 3 hours of training time per technician per course, forecasting annual savings of over $0.5M.


"VR technology can help the power industry deliver workforce training and education in an immersive environment. Employees can now be trained effectively and efficiently on how to manage and respond to such situations."

Source: Power-Technology.com - 2020

With ARuVR’s Real Time Sessions and Live Streaming, teams can transform asset and system maintenance by relaying live data from site to remote-based experts who guide onsite technicians in repair processes.

In some cases training for front line operational teams requires them to enter dangerous and remote locations. This could be off shore oil rigs or wind farms, nuclear power stations or hazardous waste areas, working at height such as electrical or telecommunications masts. This is often time consuming, expensive and dangerous. With ARuVR companies can provide “stepping stone” training that familiarises new employees at much lower cost and without exposing the learners to unnecessary dangers before they are ready.

"We want to improve the operational efficiency of boots on the ground sites, facilitate and execute as much as we can remotely and automate as much as we can. XR can make us more efficient faster and alternately lead to cost savings."

Source: Justin S., Portfolio Development Manager, Shell TechWorks, IoT World Today

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