Transforming Onboarding with Extended Reality (XR)- Case Study

5 May 2024

S&P Global, a leading provider of transparent and independent ratings, benchmarks, analytics, and data to the capital and commodity markets worldwide, has always prioritised innovative learning and development (L&D) practices within its organisation. This case study explores the Learning Function together with Emma Johnson, S&P Global Learning Manager for Commodity Insights, focusing on its recent advancements in leveraging ARuVR’s omni-platform for enhancing employee onboarding processes.


The Learning & Development Team at S&P Global, with a strong background in technology, recognised the potential of Extended Reality XR technologies (AR/VR/MR/Spatial Computing) in transforming learning methodologies.

Their passion for learning, coupled with their belief in the power of immersive methodologies to either accelerate or hinder the learning process, led them to explore ways to make training more accessible, engaging, and effective.

The goal was to make the onboarding program for new starters innovative, creative, exciting, giving useful context to S&P’s vision and strategy.

Challenges & Solutions

S&P Global was keen to leverage XR technologies to revolutionise their corporate training program. However, they encountered several significant hurdles that made the path forward seem daunting.

Budget Constraints: The initial obstacle was the high cost associated with XR technology and content creation. Implementing these advanced learning strategies required a significant financial investment, which posed a challenge for the team’s budget.

Technological Barriers: Another major challenge was the absence of a user-friendly tool in the market that could enable the creation of immersive trainings.

The S&P Global team needed a solution that was almost “plug and play,” eliminating complex technical hurdles and allowing for straightforward content production.

Engagement and Adoption: Convincing internal and external stakeholders of the superiority of XR methods over traditional e-learning approaches was not straightforward. The team needed to demonstrate clear value and efficacy in these innovative methods to gain widespread acceptance and adoption.

This is where ARuVR stepped in as the game-changer. By offering an innovative platform that addressed each of these challenges head-on, ARuVR enabled the S&P Global team to:

Overcome Budget Constraints: ARuVR provided cost-effective XR solutions that fit within the team’s budget, making advanced training technologies accessible without compromising on quality.

Break Technological Barriers: With ARuVR’s intuitive platform, the team could easily create immersive training courses, turning the technological barrier into a bridge for innovation in learning and development.

Boost Engagement and Adoption: The compelling and interactive nature of ARuVR’s XR content proved its value to stakeholders, showcasing how these cutting-edge methods could surpass traditional training techniques in effectiveness and engagement.

Ensure Seamless Content Integration: ARuVR’s flexible platform facilitated the integration of diverse training materials from different divisions, ensuring a smooth and cohesive learning experience for all employees, particularly new starters.

In the face of these challenges, ARuVR not only provided the solutions the S&P Global team needed but also propelled them into a new era of corporate training, marked by innovation, engagement, and inclusivity.

Innovative Solutions

With the support of ARuVR, S&P Global successfully implemented:

·   Hybrid Learning Approaches: This strategy merged conventional learning techniques with cutting-edge VR/AR technologies, enabling content to be accessible on laptops for added flexibility and convenience.

·   Custom Content Creation: The platform empowered the team to effortlessly craft XR content, facilitating the custom development of learning modules precisely aligned with specific educational goals.

·   Cross-Division Collaboration: ARuVR’s tools encourage teamwork across various departments, allowing for the creation of bespoke learning solutions that capture the unique expertise and cultural diversity within S&P Global.

·   Leveraging Existing Assets: By making strategic use of the virtual spaces acquired in the merger, the learning team devised an engaging onboarding process that acquainted new employees with the company’s global operations and core values in an immersive manner.


Increased Engagement: 2,500 employees completed the module, demonstrating high engagement levels.

Enhanced Onboarding Experience: New employees received a warm welcome through immersive experiences that introduced them to the company’s vision, strategy, and values, regardless of their location

Internal and External Recognition: The collaborative effort in creating the module resulted in increased synergy within the organisation and recognition of S&P Global’s innovative approach to L&D.

Culture and Knowledge Transfer: The use of Extended Reality (XR) technologies has facilitated a more effective transfer of knowledge and fostered a sense of belonging among employees, aligning them with the company’s direction.

"Partnering with ARuVR has truly transformed the way we introduce our company to new members of our global team. Through their cutting-edge VR/AR platform, we've successfully brought one of our key global offices to life, providing new employees with an immersive introduction to our company’s vision, strategy, and core values. This initiative has been instrumental in fostering a culture of inclusion and warmth, welcoming our people from all corners of the globe.Whether accessed via headsets or desktops, ARuVR's platform has ensured a consistent and comprehensive overview of our company, which is a cornerstone of our onboarding and induction process. This consistency is vital in conveying who we are, what we stand for, and how each individual's work contributes to our collective goals.As a 'people-first' organisation, making every new hire feel welcomed and integrated from day one is paramount. Thanks to ARuVR, we've been able to achieve this, reinforcing the sense of direction and purpose shared by our global workforce. The ability to virtually step into one of our offices, regardless of one's physical location, has not only enhanced our onboarding experience but has also strengthened our commitment to being a unified team working towards common objectives.We are deeply grateful for the role ARuVR has played in helping us to not only communicate our company's culture and values but also in making each new team member feel a part of something bigger from the very start. This partnership has been a key factor in ensuring we all move forward together, aligned and motivated."

Emma Johnson, S&P Global Learning Manager for Commodity Insights

Future Directions

Looking ahead, S&P Global plans to continue exploring the potential of XR technologies in L&D on emerging topics such as energy transition, further integrating innovative technologies into learning processes, and expanding the use of XR  to include more practical applications in employee training.

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