ARuVR’s Stand Bustles at Learning Technologies 2024 Following our Groundbreaking Seminars

24 April 2024

ARuVR made a remarkable impression at this year’s Learning Technologies event, held at Excel London on 17-18 April 2024.

Our stand was continuously bustling, drawing a keen crowd eager to witness the unveiling of our latest Extended Reality L&D omni-platform with the launch of our Learning Record Score (LRS) and the Apple Vision Pro App

At the ARuVR stand, over 300 visitors were treated to a series of interactive live demos that showcased our latest L&D advancements in Extended Reality. Attendees experienced firsthand the capabilities of our LRS System, which facilitates the tracking and analysis of immersive learning data in real time.

Visitors donned the newly released Apple Vision Pro headsets to engage in a fully immersive learning session designed with loads of real case scenarios.

This experience not only showcased the seamless integration of our platform with cutting-edge hardware but also demonstrated the practical applications of spatial computing in enhancing learning outcomes.

The positive reception to our demonstrations and the continuous interest at our stand throughout the event underscored the pivotal role ARuVR plays in the future of XR in learning and development. As we reflect on the success at Learning Technologies 2024, we are energised by the potential these innovations hold for transforming enterprise learning and development.

Engaging Seminars and Thought Leadership

Frank Furnari, CEO & Founder of ARuVR, together with Daniel Lever, Innovation Director at Mintra, delivered a standout seminar titled “Navigating the Extended Reality Landscape and How It’s Solving Key L&D Challenges.” This session offered a deep dive into the transformative potential of VR, AR, and MR in meeting today’s L&D demands. Frank and Daniel discussed innovative solutions and real-life applications, demonstrating effective strategies for enhancing recruitment, engagement, up skilling, and retention in the workforce.

Mehdi Daoudi, our Chief Revenue Officer, teamed up with Corey Smith, Instructional Designer at Five Guys, for a session on “How to Build an Immersive Learning Strategy Using Mixed Reality.” This presentation focused on practical implementation, showcasing how immersive learning has been successfully integrated into corporate training programs at major companies. They highlighted the tangible benefits of these technologies, such as improved retention and engagement, through vivid case studies and user feedback.

Marco Moncalvo, Chief Technology Officer, hosted an enlightening session in the Bitesize Learning Zone titled “L&D in AR, VR, MR, and Spatial Computing in 15 Minutes.” Marco provided a concise yet comprehensive overview of how these cutting-edge technologies are being utilised in enterprise learning. He offered insights into becoming an effective AR/VR/MR learning designer and how quick adaptations in these technologies can significantly advance professional training and development skills.

The positive feedback to our XR L&D omni-platform and the continuous interest at our stand throughout the event underscored the pivotal role ARuVR is playing in the enterprises’ experiential learning programmes. We look forward to continuing working with companies to help them achieve their training goals and drive greater success for their organisations.

Stay connected for further updates as ARuVR continues to lead the way in Extended Reality learning solutions!

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