Join our upcoming webinar: Experiential and Blended Learning 3.0- How Extended Reality (AR/VR/MR) is Solving Key L&D Challenges

Join us online as part of a FREE webinar organised by The Learning and Skills Group (LSG).

19 February 2024

22 February 2024, 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM GMT


Join us online to explore the cutting-edge of enterprise learning and seize the opportunity to transform your L&D programmes with the power of Extended Reality XR.

Our CEO & Founder, Frank Furnari, together with our CRO, Mehdi Daoudi, will be delivering a FREE and exclusive seminar hosted by the Learning and Skills Group (LSG).

This session is designed for HR and L&D leaders seeking innovative solutions for recruitment, engagement, up skilling, and retention. Discover how Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Spatial Computing are revolutionising learning and development (L&D).

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You’ll learn about the evolution of Extended Reality (XR) as a pivotal L&D tool, its application in enterprise learning, and how XR can enhance traditional and online learning methods. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your L&D strategy with cutting-edge technology.

Learn why leading organisations such as Bloomberg, Coca-Cola, ScotRail, Five Guys, Royal Air Force, PwC and many other enterprises, have bought in to ARuVR’s Experiential & Blended Learning 3.0 and easily adopted XR as part of their learning ecosystem.

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We also take the opportunity to to announce our participation in the prestigious Learning Technologies event on 17th and 18th April at ExCeL London.

As a leading innovator in the L&D sector, our team is excited to showcase our latest advancements and solutions designed to transform the learning experience.

Our exhibit will feature live demonstrations, interactive sessions, and one-on-one discussions aimed at helping trainers, educators, and corporate leaders harness the power of XR technology to enhance learning outcomes.

Join us at ExCeL London to discover how our cutting-edge tools and platforms are setting new standards in digital learning and development.

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