ARuVR® joins Snapdragon Spaces Pathfinder Program for MR and Spatial Computing

ARuVR® launches on the Lenovo ecosystem

13 February 2024

London, UK. 13th February 2024 –ARuVR®, a multi-award winning end-to-end Extended Reality (XR) and Spatial Computing learning platform for enterprises, today announced a collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. by joining Snapdragon Spaces™ Pathfinder Program and becoming a Snapdragon Spaces developer.

Companies in the Pathfinder Program utilise the Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform, an open platform and ecosystem supporting extended reality software solution providers delivering next generation immersive experiences.

The Snapdragon Spaces Pathfinder Program enables ARuVR to rapidly deploy and speed the creation of immersive spatial Learning and Development (L&D) experiences for enterprises looking to capitalise on the opportunities presented by Mixed Reality (MR) and Spatial Computing within their learning workflows.

“Snapdragon Spaces provides an open ecosystem to reduce the barriers for the widespread adoption of XR and Spatial Computing within enterprises. We’re delighted to welcome ARuVR as they join an ever-growing community that is helping enterprises to capitalize on the opportunity presented by digital transformation.”

Steve Lukas, Director, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

ARuVR’s enterprise grade XR learning solutions will now be seamlessly integrated and available on Lenovo’s ThinkReality VRX enterprise headset which is powered by a Snapdragon® XR platform and incorporates the Snapdragon Spaces open ecosystem SDK.  ARuVR’s offering will now run on XR devices supporting Snapdragon Spaces, increasing the options available to enterprise customers.

“ARuVR is a great example of how innovative XR and Spatial Computing learning solutions are being made available on Lenovo’s ThinkReality VRX headset through the open Snapdragon Spaces ecosystem. Lenovo’s customers can now take advantage of market leading immersive and collaborative training solutions and easily incorporate them within L&D programs.”

Vishal Shah, GM of XR and Metaverse, Lenovo

The Snapdragon Spaces open ecosystem approach is designed to encourage XR innovation and collaboration among vendors that focus on delivering extended reality software, head worn AR and VR/MR devices, and platform integrations.

Augmented and virtual reality training solutions have been proven* to deliver impressive results, including 80% increase in training learning retention, improve training engagement by 90%, reduce post-training error by 40%, increase employee training satisfaction by 30% and improve employee performance by 70%.

ARuVR® solves many of the previous barriers to the widespread adoption and deployment of AR and VR training, by allowing code-free content generation, live real-time consumption and interactive streaming and is fully cross-compatible across mobile, tablet, desktop and XR devices.

"We are excited to work with Snapdragon Spaces and Lenovo to enable the rapid democratization of XR and Spatial Computing within the Learning and Development work streams of enterprises. By making XR more easily accessible through an open ecosystem SDK, access is significantly simplified .”

Frank Furnari, CEO & Founder, ARuVR®

ARuVR® ISO 27001 accredited and is the first XR company in the world to achieve this highest level of international certification in Security Management Systems for design, development, hosting and support of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality systems. ARuVR® is also the only XR company accredited on both the UK government’s Crown G-Cloud 13 and Crown Commercial Service (CCS). In November 2023, ARuVR® ranked “Excellent” by Apex for its ESG Ratings.

ARuVR® counts leading enterprises including: Aramco, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Royal Air Force, Five Guys, ScotRail, NEOM, BAE Systems, Mondelez, Bloomberg, and PWC among a rapidly growing international customer base who are transforming the way training is delivered.

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