ARuVR® ranked as “Excellent” for its ESG rating

25 January 2024

We take our commitment to the Environment, our Social Responsibility and our Governance (ESG) seriously and so it is incredibly pleasing that we can announce that ARuVR® has been ranked as “Excellent” by the Apex Group in an independent ESG assessment which took place recently. Our work is not done and we will not rest on our laurels as maintaining and improving on this ranking is an ongoing journey.

Since its inception, ARuVR® has placed an emphasis on controls and awareness of industry standard benchmarks to ensure it is competing and in some cases a frontrunner. This ensures that our customers, partners and investors can have confidence in our governance from the ground up so that we can fulfil our obligations.

Our journey in ESG compliance has been marked by a proactive approach, taking into account areas including; environmental policy, employee development, and cybersecurity, to name a few.

ARuVR’s ranking against ESG was as shown in the image below:

Key areas evaluated include environmental policy, employee development opportunities, ESG policy, climate change governance, gender and race diversity in leadership, and cybersecurity policy.

The report also looks at the company’s carbon footprint, including energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as social aspects like employee turnover and diversity.

More than ever ESG ranks highly as a key requirement for our stakeholders, clients, and partners. Achieving an “Excellent” ESG grading ensures that our ecosystem can have confidence in our policies and procedures.

Frank Furnari, CEO & Founder, ARuVR®

As a reminder it is not just ESG where we have met rigorous industry standards. ARuVR® is ISO 27001 accredited and was the first XR company in the world to achieve this highest level of international certification in Security Management Systems for design, development, hosting and support of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality systems. ARuVR® is also the only XR company accredited on both the UK government’s Crown G-Cloud 13 and Crown Commercial Service (CCS).

As we celebrate this milestone, we are mindful that our journey in ESG excellence is ongoing. We remain committed to not only maintaining but elevating our standards. This commitment is central to ensuring ARuVR® continues to be a responsible, innovative, and trusted leader in the industry.

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