ARuVR® delivers the first “Augmented Reality” Experience at the 2023 London Lord Mayor's Show

A Historic Fusion of Tradition and Technology

15 November 2023

In a remarkable display of innovation, ARuVR® teamed up with The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists (WCIT) to present an extraordinary spectacle at this year’s Lord Mayor’s Show in London – the first-ever “Augmented Reality” float.

As the vibrant procession wound through the streets of the City of London, a blend of over 800 years of tradition met the forefront of digital innovation.

ARuVR provided the cutting-edge technology platform that enabled WCIT’s float to come alive with interactive AR features, accessible to the  thousands of spectators via their smartphones and iPads. This groundbreaking initiative transformed the historical event into an immersive, futuristic experience.

Engagement Beyond Expectation

The AR-enabled float was not just a visual treat; it was an interactive journey through the fusion of history and high-tech. Spectators were amazed as they used their phones to unlock a world of augmented reality, bringing a new dimension to the traditional pageantry of the Lord Mayor’s Show.

Kerri Mansfield JP, Master 2023 of WCIT, shared her vision behind this initiative: "Our aim is to bridge the gap between tradition and technology. This project shows that the world of information technology intertwines with people, history, and our collective journey. A heartfelt thank you to ARuVR for bringing this ambitious project to fruition.”

A New Chapter in Public Events

This event marks a pivotal moment in how technology can enhance public celebrations. The successful integration of AR into a historic event like the Lord Mayor’s Show opens new possibilities for how we experience and interact with cultural festivities.

Looking Forward

The success of this event is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. As ARuVR® continues to explore the boundaries of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality, we remain committed to delivering solutions that not only captivate but also inspire and educate.

The Future is Augmented

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to redefine the boundaries of technology and tradition.

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