ARuVR's Innovations in Extended Reality: Pioneering Projects and an XR Design Lab

31 October 2023

In the ever-evolving world of technology and education, ARuVR is making waves with ground-breaking projects that harness the potential of Extended Reality (XR). Our CEO & Founder, Frank Furnari shares insights into these remarkable projects in collaboration with industry leaders, alongside the launch of a significant XR Design Lab at City University of London.

Pioneering ARuVR L&D Programmes
ARuVR has been at the forefront of several innovative projects that demonstrate the practical applications of Extended Reality across diverse sectors:

  1. Five Guys: ARuVR has partnered with the renowned burger chain, Five Guys, to enhance employee training through immersive XR experiences. This transformative approach improves training efficiency and ensures a consistent and exceptional customer experience.
  2. NEOM: Collaborating with the ambitious NEOM giga-project in Saudi Arabia by delivering many L&D and XR Innovation programmes across the past four years, such as working at the construction sites and significantly reduce accidents, along with many other programmes. This is allowing them to literally saving lives.

ARuVR’s XR Design Lab at City University of London
While ARuVR’s L&D Programmes with Five Guys and NEOM are significant achievements, the company is also launching an XR Design Lab at City University of London. This lab will empower students to explore the potential of XR technologies, providing hands-on experience in the application of VR, AR, and MR.

To delve deeper into ARuVR’s ground-breaking L&D Programmes and the opening of the XR design lab, watch Frank Furnari’s interview here. ARuVR’s visionary approach is paving the way for transformative innovations in extended reality across various industries.


"We are constantly seeking new ways to harness the potential of XR Learning in diverse sectors. Our L&D Programmes with Five Guys and NEOM exemplify our commitment to using technology for the betterment of society. The XR Design Lab at City University of London marks a significant step forward in XR education. We believe that the best way to learn about the applications of VR, AR, and MR is by experiencing them first-hand. This lab is a unique space that will enable students to delve into these technologies, understand their potential, and develop the skills required to drive innovation in their respective fields."

Frank Furnari, CEO & Founder, ARuVR®