ARuVR® granted patent for groundbreaking XR presenter-led and multi-user experiences

6 October 2022

– New technology makes multi-simultaneous XR global training a reality

– Three years R&D delivers zero latency for fully immersive and augmented VR/AR training


London, UK, 6th October, 2022, ARuVR®, a multi-award winning end-to-end, enterprise-grade Extended Reality (XR) training platform, today announced that it has been granted a patent by the UK Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO). The title of the invention is “Virtual and Augmented Reality units, systems and methods”. The technology covered by the patent (which includes a total of 15 claims) solves many issues including: multi-user simultaneous VR/AR training solutions being so far only satisfactory for individual use due the inherent latency issues associated with such real-time, high data payload applications. The patent is numbered GB2586627 and will remain in force for 20 years.

Following three years of research and development, the ARuVR® training platform enables enterprises to train in real-time multiple employees, in any location globally, through a multiway interactive AR/VR experience. Thanks to the patented technology and software, all participants, including the trainer/presenter are able to collaborate in an immersive or augmented reality experience and to see what all participants are doing, in real-time with zero latency.

The invention is already present in the ARuVR® platform and to date, ARuVR® technology has been deployed by many leading global enterprises, including: Coca-Cola, BT, Rio Tinto, NEOM, Amazon, American Express, BP, Philip Morris, Barilla, PwC and many others.

Frank Furnari, CEO & Founder, ARuVR®, said: “Until now the potential of VR/AR in a training capacity has been limited by its 1-2-1 nature and problems with latency. ARuVR® VR/AR training solutions significantly solve this, allowing enterprises to effectively communicate, collaborate and train their workforce at the same time, wherever they are, interactively and in real-time. Our technology innovation has been recognised with this patent and we, as a team, are immensely proud of what we have achieved.”

Marco Morbidini, partner at Kilburn & Strode LLP, specialists Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, said: “The granting of this British patent is testament to the problems that have been solved and the ingenuity of the team, particularly because the UK IPO applies strict legal tests to recognise patentability. We will be advising ARuVR® as it seeks patent protection for its technology innovation also in many other jurisdictions in the World.”


ARuVR® is a registered certified name in multiple countries.