ARuVR Launches the World’s First Omni-Channel Extended Reality (XR) Training Solution and Announces Commercial Partnership with Metaverse’s Virbela

28 April 2022

  • UK-based ARuVR will launch and showcase the new XR Learning Platform alongside Virbela’s Metaverse at the Learning Technologies exhibition.

  • ARuVR will unveil its brand new omni-channel XR training solution bringing together VR, AR, Holograms and Metaverse live at Learning Technologies.

  • ARuVR will be demonstrating its new products and solutions running with 6DOF and AR live at Learning Technologies.

28th April 2022 – London, UK: ARuVR, the world’s first and only turnkey extended reality (XR) Learning platform, is delighted to announce that it has entered into a strategic commercial partnership with metaverse company Virbela. This innovative partnership will see the two companies collaborate on product integration and marketing.

ARuVR and Virbela will be exhibiting together for the first time at the Learning Technologies Exhibition at London’s Excel Centre on the 4th and 5th of May (2022), with Sean Washak, Virbela’s Europe Director on the ARuVR stand for the 2 days to demonstrate Virbela’s Metaverse.


World First

During the Learning Technologies Exhibition, in a world first, ARuVR will also be showcasing its omni-channel training solution bringing together Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Human Holographic projections and Metaverse. In addition, ARuVR will launch and demo-ing their new product release running with 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) live on the stand. The addition of 6DOF significantly increases the immersion of the ARuVR platform and allows presenters and users to experience a fully interactive spatial version of the content shared in VR.

Frank FurnariCEO and Founder of ARuVR said: “We are delighted to be partnering with leading metaverse creator Virbela. The combination of Virbela’s metaverse and our VR platform will create a powerful new solution for learning, collaboration and training and a completely unique experience for users. It is an exciting time for ARuVR, we are launching the world’s first omni-channel XR training solution and a new version of our platform with many new innovative breakthroughs features such as 6DOF.”

Alex Howland, President and Founder of Virbela said: “We’re excited to partner with the team at ARuVR, as their world’s leading XR learning and development solutions are very complementary to our immersive world for events and remote work/learning. We are building always-on virtual communities that bring people together to work, learn, meet, and train – from anywhere.”

ARuVR’s XR learning platform puts the power of content creation, distribution, and management directly into the hands of any user, or subject matter expert allowing businesses to develop and deploy at-scale their own Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) learning experiences, with minimal training and in a matter of minutes. The ARuVR platform allows users to explore 3D objects they create themselves eg. buildings or machinery or import from third party sources.

Marco Moncalvo, CTO and Co-founder of ARuVR said: “With the addition of 6DOF to our platform, users will gain a significant upgrade from the ‘traditional’ VR experience allowing them to interact with 3D objects and move around the VR space freely. This development gives our clients the opportunity to explore exciting new possibilities when creating their content and experiences where they sky is, quite literally, no longer the limit.”

In addition, ARuVR’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mehdi Daoudi, will deliver four key seminars to the 9,000 Learning Technologies attendees alongside some of the ARuVR clients on the stage, discussing how VR is part of the Transforming Training story for 2022, how to integrate immersive learning in your digital learning ecosystem, how to create your own VR training programme in 1 day, and VR case studies in the Charity sector.

The ARuVR platform is already allowing over 1million business users and companies blue-chip clients such as BT, Coca-Cola, Rio Tinto, PwC and NEOM to deliver multi-sensory experiences that help teams learn and collaborate better across businesses onsite and remotely.