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ARuVR puts you in charge of creating Extended Reality experiences (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Spatial Computing) using advanced GenArtificial Intelligence engines. ARuVR XR Learning is the ultimate evolution of training providing users with proven pedagogical benefits and strong ROIs, and helps equip today’s workforce with the skills and knowledge they need to perform in today’s digital ecosystem.

Revolutionize how people learn and work by blending Digital and Physical worlds with ARuVR Extended Reality (XR) omni-platform.

“VR learners train four times x4 faster than in the classroom, are 275% more confident to apply their new skills and are nearly four times x4 more emotionally connected to content...”

Source: PWC Report Tech Effect

The AI-powered ARuVR omni-platform allows you to quickly and easily create interactive training experiences with our XR Authoring System.

In Real-Time Sessions, you lead, moderate and control what your audience sees, making it easy to give and get feedback as it happens.

Live Streaming brings reality to Extended Reality (XR). Remote teams meet and learn together in real-life, 360-degree real locations, whether through a VR headset, a browser, on a phone or tablet.

ARuVR integrates with your existing platforms, LMS, LXP or intranet. Use your existing training content, or auto-generate XR content with our GenAI engine, or draw on our library of over 1M+ XR assets. The ARuVR solution seamlessly brings together our XR platform, content, hardware and implementation services.

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Increase engagement

In a virtual environment your experience is more exciting, immersive and meaningful with some studies showing we engage up to 95%* more in XR.

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Accelerate learning

Immersive experiences lead to more effective learning. Trainees using XR increase their knowledge retention by up to 80%* vs traditional “classroom” training.

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Reduce training costs

Because ARuVR scales easily across your organisation, you save on costs. Research shows XR is over 50%* more cost-effective than in-person classroom programmes.

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Trusted and Secure

ARuVR’s patented technology is designed to make XR experiences effective and scalable in enterprises

ARuVR is the first XR company in the world to achieve ISO27001, the highest level international certification in Security Management Systems for design, development, hosting and support of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality systems.

ARuVR has won many prestigious international awards in the enterprise industry.

* Sources: PwC, Accenture, Meta, ARuVR 2020-2023


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